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Welcome to SoundAntiques

SoundAntiques are dedicated to the many unusual instruments we come across, which do not fall into any category on our main websites ( all linked above): SoundAntiques is part of a traditional violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972. We are makers, dealers and collectors of fine instruments, and offer many specialized and unique services. We invite you to browse this site, to find out more.


Plucked Instruments:


No Antique guitars currently on offer: (some modern classical guitars available via the Brian Cohen Guitars site, linked above)


Cammeyer 'Vibrante'Banjo: Details HERE

Cammeyer Banjo

A very good and original Cammeyer 'Vibrante' Banjo, circa 1919

Mandolins: We stock and sell many mandolins, mainly Neopolitan and Roman style, but others also, and we look constantly for good examples by Embergher, Vinaccia, Calace and others: Please contact us if you have a good example to sell.

Featured Mandolin: Egildo Emanuelle, 1911 Details HERE

Egildo Mandolin

A fine and rare, very original Egildo Emanuelle 'Roman' Mandolin, 1911.

Roman Mandolin: Luigi Embergher, 1909, Model A Study Details HERE

Embergher 1909 Mandolin

A good and rare, very original Luigi Embergher 'Roman' Mandolin, 1909.

Mandolin: Luigi Embergher, 1926 Orchestral Model 2: Details HERE

Embergher 1926 Mandolin

A good restored Luigi Embergher 'Roman' Mandolin, Model 2, 1926.

Neopolitan Mandolin: Calace, c 1930 Details HERE

Embergher 1909 Mandolin

A good and rare, very original Luigi Embergher 'Roman' Mandolin, 1909.

Curved back Mandolin: Clifford Essex c.1930 'Grand Concert de Luxe' model. Details HERE

Clifford Essex Mandolin

A good and rare example, totally original, never repaired, Clifford Essex Grand Concert de Luxe, 1930's, constructed my Marco Rocca

Recently Sold:

Roman mandolin, by Luigi Embergher, 1927
  • Roman mandolin, by Luigi Embergher, 1909
  • Roman Mandolin by Giacomo Gallessi, Rome, (b.1876): Branded on table, very similar to Embergher model 5 Orchestral
  • Embergher Mandolin,1920, near perfect, Study Type B
  • A rare lute by Tom Goff, commissioned and used by Julian Bream for concerts and recordings, dated 1960, with the 'JAB' monogram.
  • Luigi Embergher mandolin, model 5 Bis
  • Ceccherini mandolin:
  • Lacote: double table model, rare.
  • Panormo: Many examples.
  • Pons le Jeune:
  • Chappell, Mirecourt made: enquire
  • Hauser 2: 1968
  • Stroh Guitar, 'ultra- rare', (only 3 known)
  • Torres ( 4 examples), Arias, Garcia, Simplicio, de Frias, Ramirez, Esteso, Hernandez, Bouchet, Fleta, Sanfeliu ( possibly ex-Barrios), Hauser 1( many examples incl ex-Bream), Fernandez, Rubio, Romanillos (incl. the 1973 ex-Bream guitar) : just some of many examples of Spanish and other guitars sold over the last 40 years, too many to mention here.
  • Ignacio Fleta, 1970. Perfect original example from this maker.
  • Lacote: Paris : SOLD

    Lacote 1830

    A very good and original Lacote guitar, Paris, c. 1830

    Fleta 1970

    SOLD: A very good and original Fleta guitar, Barcelona, 1970

    Please have a look through the website- hopefully you will find some interesting instruments.
    Not all instruments we stock are listed on the site however- so if you do not find what you want, call and ask- we may well have one, or know where to get one and can source for you. We are always pleased to discuss and advise. Opening times and all contact details, directions etc. on our 'Contact' page.