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SoundAntiques are dedicated to the many unusual instruments we come across, which do not fall into any category on our main websites ( all linked above): SoundAntiques is part of a traditional violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972. We are makers, dealers and collectors of fine instruments, and offer many specialized and unique services.

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Instruments for Sale

I stock some rare and unusual instruments, and also have some Roman and Neopolitan mandolins, and guitars, in stock for sale: some new, some pre-owned older master examples and some rare antique guitars too- enquire please. I also look to buy outright fine master guitars and high quality mandolins: contact me with what you have for sale please.

A good and quite rare Clifford Essex mandolin, model 'Concert Grand de Luxe' no 261. Most likely built by Marco Rocca, who was the luthier for CE at the time. This one has a strongly curved back, in maple, finish detail at the neck joint with a small M.o.P. engraved shield, with ribs to match, edged and defined by rosewood. The ribs each have a pierced 'S' shape, presumably some sort of tone enhancement feature, or maybe just an added bit of 'bling' to justify the the model name. The top is in spruce, with the Neopolitan style decoration around the oval soundhole, and a faux tortoiseshell cellulose guard. The neck is mahogany, and the original closed back tuners in perfect condition, fitted from the rear, covered in a plain protective plate. All original, action perfect, and it works very well, and is also, due to the shape, much easier to hold than the 'bowl back' style. The original finish is some sort of lacquer, which has crazed over the years, but this mandolin is totally original, never repaired. Strings currently fitted are Lenzner Consort Bronze. Comes with a new case, (not present) which I shall source and provide on completion of a sale.

Condition Details:
Totally original, no repairs, no restoration, the original lacquer has crazed, but originality is 'king' with all antiques, as is the case here. Attractive patina, in keeping with its age. Action perfect, set up ready to play.

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Price: 650 , Case included : Yes, (not present, but new case will be included.) No CITES Permit needed.

All payments must be in UK sterling, and via electronic transfer only. Currency conversion costs to be paid at source. Price is for 'Instrument only', unless otherwise indicated.
VAT: No VAT is payable.
The instrument in some instances can be sent out for approval, for a 48 -hour period after receipt. However, all freight charges, inwards and outwards, must be borne by the client, import duties may be levied in some countries also to be paid by the client, and for the USA we will complete and provide the 'Lacey Declaration' at no extra charge, in addition to any CITES permit needed which will be charged for. Risk must be borne by client, and proof of some sort of insurance must be in place. Payment must be in full in advance, and evidence provided of full insurance cover for the journey. For some of these additional services, a charge will be made. Funds will be refunded in full, provided the guitar arrives back in the shop in the same condition as when it left. If these conditions are not met, then the instrument will be considered 'Sold'. In the event of a guitar being exported which will need a CITES permit, as these permits only work 'one way' the customer will have to agree in advance in writing to apply for a return CITES from their own country, all of which may take some time and this will be obtained at the clients' own expense. No refund will be made until the guitar is returned and imported into the UK with full legal compliance with CITES and the risk of loss, damage, seizure etc will be borne entirely by the customer until safe delivery is completed. Any import duty or VAT levied to re-import the guitar into the UK will be deducted from the refund amount to the client. To avoid all this, the best and simplest way to conduct these transactions is to visit the UK in person and try the instrument in my own premises, free of all these requirements: I am happy to arrange transport and accommodation during your stay to facilitate your visit in person.

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