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SoundAntiques are dedicated to the many unusual instruments we come across, which do not fall into any category on our main websites ( all linked above): SoundAntiques is part of a traditional violin and guitar shop located in Guildford, Surrey, UK. Established in 1972. We are makers, dealers and collectors of fine instruments, and offer many specialized and unique services. We invite you to browse this site, to find out more.


Tonewoods, Tools, and other Related Items

Most of the special tonewoods and tools I have for sale are from my own old stock, gathered for over 50 years, and beyond my current needs. All are mature, aged, selected for highest quality from reputable sources in Germany, Austria, Bosnia and Switzerland, and are ready to use with confidence. Some items ( indicated) are from the studios accumulated by the late David Rubio, who was renowned for only using the very best, and also a quantity from the workshops of the late Michael Heale of Guildford. Both of these makers I knew well.

Violin Closing clamps, and a good Viola mould



A set of traditional style violin /viola closing clamps, very possibly from the workshops of Thibouville-Lamy in Mirecourt, 28 clamps in all, with a few larger than the others. See the photo for details. I think they may be fruit wood, or maybe sorbus, hard to tell under the colour, but all work, and are cork lined. the threads are intact. All useable.
The mould is for a 16 1/2" viola, I do not know which model, this mould has 2 layers, one of which separates and allows the ribs to be removed from the mould. This came from the Rubio workshop, but is unlike all the other moulds I have from DR, but seems older than his other moulds. Useable, and interesting. (Will sell clamps and mould together or separately.

Price: Clamps: 120, mould 50, or 145 for the lot. excl.carriage.

Not all instruments we stock are listed on the site however- so if you do not find what you want, call and ask- we may well have it, or might know where to source for you. We are always pleased to discuss and advise.
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